Power’s Tools

When you’re in charge of providing power for thousands of people, you need powerful tools and solutions that are up to the task. Every product we produce is engineered with safety and precision, so you can complete your task while keeping both you and the equipment you are working on, safe. Bottom line, when you’re performing critical tasks in the power industry, no tools take charge like Snap-on.


The Snap-on Gas Meter Valve Wrench is proven to put safety first

At Snap-on, we work hard every day to bring innovative tools to life. Tools that are vital to make work faster, easier and safer for serious professionals performing critical tasks. This ergonomically designed wrench is the first of its kind and will change the way gas meters are serviced and replaced.

Electricity generation

Power generation plants have enjoyed Snap-on Industrial’s premier selection, quality, performance and on-site support services for over 50 years. That’s because everything we produce is designed with safety features that protect the user and the equipment. By conforming to the most rigorous quality standards in design and materials, our products are as efficient as they are safe.

Electricity delivery

Snap-on offers a full range of innovative tools and equipment to support electricity delivery, including hand tools, insulating pliers, screwdrivers, cordless power tools and more, all of which conform to the highest quality and performance standards in design and manufacturing.

Working at height

Working with electricity at height is one of the most dangerous activities in critical industries. That’s why Snap-on developed Power-Safe Tools@Height tools. In addition to offering safer, more secure electrical work, this specialized set of tools feature a robust tethering system, helping reduce the risk of damage to your work, and more importantly, you.

Utility fleet maintenance

Snap-on has led the industry in vehicle maintenance tools and equipment since 1920, offering the industry’s most complete and up-to-date assortment of hand, power, torque and specialty vehicle repair tools. We also provide diagnostics and undercar equipment solutions as well as specialized equipment and services, including on-site installation, training and repair.