Tools that put all the pieces together

Whether you built it or fix it, you need a partner that helps you get it done. That’s why manufacturing and maintenance professionals have trusted Snap-on since 1920 to help them assemble solutions for the most important tasks. From boosting productivity to creating custom tools, whatever you’re making, Snap-on makes a difference.  And with Snap-on’s precisely engineered tools in the hands of your workforce, quality is assured.


Error-proofing, wireless connectivity for real time process controls

When defect free is the only option, no one prevents potential failures at the source, before they have a chance to move down the line, like Snap-on. Our torque tools are part of our error-proofing efforts, allowing your processes to virtually eliminate defects. ControlTech-Link, the torque system that applies the most critical aspects of the production process, assures torque is being properly and accurately applied during the production process. It’s next-level quality assurance and quality control from the company synonymous with quality.


One unparalleled line deserves another

You need the best on your assembly line and to maintain your machines, and no one offers a wider range of proven products than Snap-on. From the basics like hand tools, power tools, torque tools, tool storage and more, to top-of-the-line productivity solutions like the Level 5TM  Tool Control System, Snap-on truly has it all. And on the odd chance we don’t have what you’re looking for, our Solutioneers will work with you to build the solution you need.

Tool Storage: Everything You Need To Store Everything You Have

Modular Storage

Don’t just make it, make it your way

Snap-on has the expertise to make the custom tools and solutions you need. Whether you need custom kitting, a custom workspace or custom storage, Snap-on has the capacity to deliver engineered solutions for your key applications.


Experience you can lean on

Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) is part of Snap-on’s DNA, constantly pushing us to pursue higher levels of efficiency. And we’re proud to bring that lean management approach to our partners. Our Solutioneers take the time to learn about your business, identify areas of improvement and deploy specifically designed products and systems that enhance productivity, accountability and safety while minimizing tool replacement expense.