Shipping Policy

To help customers have the most optimal plan for equipment procurement needs. We strive to support businesses with the following cost-saving and time-saving shipping policies:

1. Delivery scope regulation:

Delivery Scope Regulation

2. Delivery time regulation:

2.1 Delivery time:

  • For us: Delivered on weekdays from Monday to Friday (except Saturday & Sunday – Public Holidays and New Year as prescribed) – within Ho Chi Minh City and Bac Ninh.
  • Courier link VTSPOST – Viettel: Delivery time applies to the working time of Vtspost – Viettel affiliate

​2.2 ​Shipping standard:

Shipping Standard

3. Regulations on inspection of delivery and receipt of goods:

Towards professional shipping quality and maximum protection of customer’s rights when using the services provided by Techmaster. We implement a policy that supports the maximum view and inspection of goods when delivering goods:
  • When receiving, customers must preliminarily check and sign the “Delivery List”, and keep the “Delivery Note” attached. .
  • When receiving goods from the forwarder, customers can open the seal of the box to check the goods: device code, serial number, year of manufacture, basic accessories of the machine (see datasheet), …
Note: The inspection will not include opening the product’s own seal (affecting seals, product packaging, …) or deep inspection (plugging in power, trial use). , data logging, etc.).
  • In case the contract is checked at the request of the Customer, the delivery staff will sign the delivery note for confirmation. If the forwarder does not comply with the customer’s request, the customer may refuse to receive the Product at that time.
“Techmaster encourages customers to make the most of the above benefits before receiving the goods for the best support in any situation if it arises”.

4. The list of goods prohibited to be transported by air is regulated

We provide a list of groups of goods that are not allowed air express delivery. Customers who have demand for equipment and goods provided by us, can actively arrange the time to transport equipment:
The list of goods prohibited to be transported by air is regulated
We are committed to bringing peace of mind and absolute satisfaction with the shipping process – the service experience we provide to our customers!