Versatorq® Torque Metering/Data Acquisition System

The Versatorq system can be used for any job requiring repetitive torque applications or regular inspection of fastener torque. This system can also be used to verify pneumatic and mechanical torque wrench accuracy. Peak torque can be captured by using a rotary sensor with a

  • Versatile – battery operated and lightweight, with available ranges from 2 in. oz. to 20 in. oz. to 150 ft. lb. to 1,500 ft. lb. and 7 units of measure: in. oz., in. lb., ft. lb., Nsm, dsNm, kgm, and kgcm. The Versatorq system can be used with sockets, extensions, universal joints, ratcheting drivers or any of these combined
  • Data Aquisition – store and recall up to 3,500 readings. An internal memory backup battery retains setup and last memory data for up to 10 years
  • Track or Peak Mode – track mode displays applied torque value and peak mode displays highest torque value
  • Easily Calibrated – customer calibration supports ISO9000. Instructions for step by step calibration provided in the users manual
  • Smart Sensors – built in EEPROM memory chip stores sensor identification and calibration factors. Factory calibrated, a sensor retains its accuracy with all Versatorq meters; just plug in the desired sensor. Periodic recalibration is necessary


Electronic Torque Acquistion Meter

Performs most of the same functions as the Versatorq Torque Acquisition Meter. Will not perform the data storage/recall, statistical analysis and histogram functions and does not offer the serial output port feature

Versatorq System Accessories

Versatorq System Accessories-Table


non-impact power tool operating at less than 1,000 RPM and being driven into a soft joint. Inspectors can check critical fastener torque and record data for quality audits. Perfect for process quality control. The Versatorq system can internally perform statistical analysis, including histograms, and print to a serial printer.

  • 120VAC/220VAC, 60 Hz Adaptor – rechargeable battery and belt clip allow you to take it to the task or use it at the bench with the optional table stand and AC adaptor
  • PC Statistical Analysis Output – download histogram, minimum and maximum reading, mean, sigma N, sigma, Cp, Cpk, % error and number of readings under and over tolerance
  • Serial Port Interface with Computer or Printer – true RS-232 communications port for downloading to computer or serial printer or configurable to MITUTOYO statistical printer protocol
  • Visual and Audio Cues – analog bar graph at top of display provides a live indication of applied torque. An OVER warning flag comes on to indicate that maximum sensor range has been exceeded. Green MIN LED indicates lower tolerance has been achieved, and Red MAX LED indicates upper tolerance has been exceeded. Audio alarm produces a distinctive 2 kHz tone. Includes an audio output jack for optional headphones in a noisy environment

Versatorq1®/Versameter® System Specifications

Versatorq1® Versameter System Specifications-Table

*Versatorq display ignores torque input less than .5% of full scale in track mode and 2.0% of full scale in peak mode.

NOTE: Please reference the Versatorq instruction manual for the sensor ranges and resolutions in different units of torque measurement.

Versatorq Sensors

Versatorq Sensors-Table

*Knurled handles allow for fingertip control.

**Diameter does not include side mounted connector. Heavy duty coiled cord with 4-pin MS-style connector.


Versatest™ Electronic Torque Tester


The Versatest Indicator is a laboratory grade instrument used for precise, in house torque wrench testing and calibration. High precision torque transducers provide system readings with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% of indicated value. Transducers are available in ranges from 15-200 in. oz. to 200-2,000 ft. lb. and feature a special built in memory chip that identifies the range and maintains the calibration between all Versatest Indicators. Setup and calibration programming is entered via front panel membrane keys. The Versatest can store and recall up to 3,000 different torque/force readings. Statistical analysis stored in memory can be downloaded to a computer or serial printer. A hard wired lithium battery keeps the internal memory and the date/time clock operating for up to 10 years.

Versatest Specifications

Versatest Specifications-Table

* TTC Transducers used with, but not calibrated to, the Versatest Indicator provide a system accuracy of +/- 0.5% of reading @ 25° C.

Refer to Transducer Chart on page 245 for additional information.


  • Automatic downloading
  • RS232C serial port – use with printer or PC
  • Data storage/recall (with date/time stamp) holds up to 3,000 measurements
  • Real time clock
  • Smart transducers
  • Analog output connect to oscilloscope or X-Y plotter
  • External printer can be mounted on top of the Versatest unit
  • Remote foot switch interface for send/print functions
  • Statistic Process Control (SPC) built in

VERSATEST600 Electronic Torque Metering System. Provides high speed monitoring of static and dynamic torque inputs. Includes the Versatest indicator, VERSA600LDR2 loader, TTC12 transducer, TTC400 4-in-1 transducer and TTC5000-1 4-in-1 adaptor plate.

VERSA600LDR2 Mechanical Loader. Unit will load dial, micrometer, beam and electronic torque wrenches. Maximum capacity of 600 ft. lb. Use with any TTC series transducer from 15 in. oz. to 600 ft. lb.




Versatest™ Electronic Torque Tester

  • Automatic sensor recognition with TTC series Sm art transducers
  • Range: 15 in. oz. to 2,000 ft. lb. (bi-directional)
  • Total uncertainty (10% to 100% of range): +/- 0.25% of indicated torque value
  • Alpha-numeric 8 digit display
  • Memory to 3,000 values
  • Includes low profile serial printer
  • Date and time stamp for stored values
  • Statistical analysis performed on stored data
  • Programmable manual or automatic options for clear, store and print functions
  • Recall and review of stored torque values
  • Optional angle encoder
  • RS232C port is standard
  • Analog output is standard
  • Full digital circuitry
  • 8 torque measurement units: in. oz., in. lb., ft. lb., cN•m, dN•m, N•m, kg•cm and kg•m
  • Automatic lock up for transducer protection
  • Automatic zero
  • Automatic transducer recognition
  • Operates on 120VAC or 240VAC

  TTC2000/TTC2800 System Specifications

TTC2000/TTC2800 System Specifications-Table

∗All Snap-on® torque wrenches, drivers and testers are provided with a Certificate of Calibration. (unless otherwise indicated) 

All wrenches and drivers are calibrated per ASME and ISO standards for accuracy, from 20% to 100% of full scale, using NIST traceable equipment.

TTC2000/TTC2800 System Components

TTC2000/TTC2800 System Components - Table


Electronic Torque Tester and Calibrator



All TTC series transducers include the correct adaptor for the indicated torque range.

Transducers - Table

*TTC400 requires the TTC5000-1 adaptor plate when used with the TTC600 manual loader, TTC800 motorized loader and VERSA600LDR.

**Required for TTC400 4-in-1 torque transducer to be used on TTC600/TTC800 loaders.

Calibration Wheels/Arms

Use to calibrate any TTC series transducer. Arms are certified to manufacturer s standards.

Calibration Wheels/Arms - Table



Accessories - Table (1)


Force Testing Equipment

  • Reaction arms, cables, mounting plates and fixtures are available for testing tensiometers plus compression and tension gauges. The TTC600 and TTC800 loaders and TTC series transducers can be configured to deliver compression and tension loads
  • The TTC610/TTC810 indicator also provides measurement, display, storage and statistical analysis for FORCE inputs

Force Testing Equipment - Table

Weight Sets

Use to calibrate any TTC series transducer. All weights are NIST (NBS) traceable.Weight Sets - Table

Weight Hangers Trays

Weight Hangers/Trays

Use to calibrate any TTC series transducer. Weight trays certified as to weight.

Weight Hangers/Trays - Table

Joint Rate Simulator Adaptors

  • Use with torque tester when testing non-impacting power tools
  • Square drive adaptor is placed on top of square drive of the torque tester and tightened with a set screw
  • Adaptor bit is inserted into the power tool and mated to the top of the joint adaptor
  • By stacking the belleville washers in set patterns the joint rate adaptor can simulate soft medium or hard joints

Joint Rate Simulator Adaptors - Table



Electronic Bench Top Torque Testers


Horizontal Torque Testers and Transducers

  • TBT600A designed to be a complete and flexible calibration solution
  • Peak hold feature incorporates  hands free  mode to increase efficiency
  • Certificate generation function allows unit to print certifications directly to a printer or computer
  • NTEP certified scale is independently traceable to NIST standard handbook 44 and stored data of tester calibration for auditing purposes

Horizontal Torque Testers and Transducers - Table


Torque Comparators

TCR175 Torque Comparator.

  • To determine if a torque wrench requires calibration to maintain proper application of torque
  • Large and easy to read dial and simple operation makes the tester quick and easy to use for everyday verification of torque calibration
  • ½” female square drive input and 175 ft.. lb capacity with  5 ft. lb. graduations and 230 N•m capacity with 10 N•m increments is a perfect fit for the most popular torque wrenches
  • Integrated exercise adaptor makes it easy to break in simple, providing the most accurate results (as per B107.14M standard)
  • 2% accurate within ± 2% of the reading from 20% of full scale to full scale clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Can check a 3/8” drive torque wrench by using an adaptor A2A or adaptor GAF2A
  • Includes certificate of calibration compliance



TCR600 Torque Comparator

Similar to TCR175 except for these differences:

  • 3/4” female square drive input and 600 ft. lb. capacity with 10 ft. lb. graduations and capacity 800 N•m capacity with 20 N•m increments is a perfect fit for the most popular torque wrenches
  • Compact design with ¼” steel mounting plate allows for convenient installation in any direction – horizontally on a bench,  vertically on a wall, or on any other sturdy, flat surface
  • Use on most ¾” drive torque wrenches including these popular Snap-On® models: TECH4R600/TECH4RM600, QD4400/QD4R400, QD4600/QD4R600, TQR400E/TQR600E, TE352A/TE602A series and TEC352A/TEC602A series