Tools with a proven track record

When it’s your job to make sure that goods can get from point A to point B, you need tools that are as dependable as you are. For generations, Snap-on has offered a complete selection of innovative tools and equipment specifically for the Railroad Industry. You can trust Snap-on’s railroad solutions to keep working, day after live-long day.

100+ years of innovation

For generations Snap-on has offered a complete selection of innovative tools and equipment specifically for the railroad industry. Over time, we’ve learned what it takes to make the right tool for the right job by staying in constant contact with our customers. For over 50 years our Snap-on Railroad Specialists have been thoroughly trained to troubleshoot, pinpoint, and recommend solutions to particular tool problems in production situations.


Tools custom-built to meet the toughest demands: Yours

If you can’t find the railroad tool you need, we’ll build it for you— with the in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to meet your exact specifications, quality and safety standards. Our Custom Tools team works with you to analyze the task and engineer a new tool (or modify an existing one) for even the most difficult jobs.


Railroad tools & kits: the one stop for all your tool needs

Snap-on offers the widest selection of tools in the industry. From power tools to hand tools, to railroad specialty tools, Snap-on has what you need to get the job done.


Everything you need to be lean, mean, and take care of your machines

Snap-on’s Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) approach helps you constantly pursue higher levels of efficiency. Employing lean management concepts, our Solutioneers take the time to learn about your business, identify areas of improvement and deploy specifically designed products and systems that enhance productivity, accountability and safety; minimize tool replacement expense; and help reduce the likelihood of foreign object damage.


Keep your team on track

Your teams go to work to work, not to scramble around accounting for the impact sockets their kit is missing. Snap-on makes railroad workers more efficient by bringing tools to the point of use and reducing tool loss by making tool control easy to implement. From organization, to advanced security, to automation, Snap-on offers everything you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently.