Some of the most critical flight decisions are made in the hangar

You stand for something bigger than any plan you work on.  And while we didn’t place that responsibility in your hands, we do provide the tools to do the job right. Every time. At Snap-on, we strictly adhere to all aerospace engineering standards, and we understand the demands professionals place on their tools. That’s why we provide the right tools for the right jobs – to make your job easier, and provide the solutions you need. Our range of products is second to none, including custom-made applications, ergonomic designs and more. And the innovation doesn’t stop there – in fact, at Snap-on, it never stops.


Innovation advantage

Many Snap-on innovations originate from observing end users in the workplace, and then applying the talent and experience of thousandsof specialized engineers to invent solutions. We create breakthrough designs and reinvent the manufacturing process that can deliver tools and solutions for increased productivity and safety. Our deep history in aerospace and aviation enables us to provide a wide variety of tools and solutions to keep planes in the air.

Engineering advantage

Because technicians place great value on quality, performance, reliability and durability, Snap-on builds those qualities into every hand tool we make. For tools that stay in service longer, generate great productivity and make income soar, reach for Snap-on hand tools. The choice of professional mechanics, where reliability, repeatability and ergonomics are essential for critical work.

Power advantage

Snap-on tools deliver not only power, but performance. The comfort, reliability and durability of Snap-on power tools sets us apart from the rest, and sets you up for successfully completed jobs. Every time. Looking for a powerful ally in the hangar? You’ve come to the right place.

Specialty advantage

We offer the most extensive line of specialty tools in the business, designed to precise heat treatment specs, and built to perform beyond industry inspection standards. For the best airframe maintenance and repair tools, see the specialists: Snap-on.

Precision advantage

When tightening fasteners means securing aircraft safety, you need the industry leader — the one who gives you more ways to turn fasteners than anyone else and the precision advantage found only in our tools. And when it comes to tool selection and torquing options, no one gives you more solutions than Snap-on.

FOD advantage

Every year, FOD jeopardizes safety on the job and in the air, and is responsible for worldwide aviation industry losses totaling in the billions. That’s why, every year, Snap-on does even more to get FOD under control. Our integrated FOD programs — from tool retention systems to our world-class Level 5 Tool Control System — work to eliminate FOD, increase safety and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Ultra Low Profile Screwdrivers

We’ve developed a number of specific products, innovations and solutions that give you easy access – in places where access doesn’t look so easy

Micro-Electronic Torque Wrenches

Snap-on has made sure you’ll make the most of even the smallest available space

Carbide Burrs

Designed specifically for industrial applications our products are engineered for professional technicians

Flex Head Ratchets

When you use Snap-on tools, tight spaces, won’t leave you in a tight spot